Why you should include content marketing in your SEO strategy?

Content marketing is the best way to enhance your brand integrity. It is only through content that you can make your audience trust you.

“Content is King”

Now how many times have you read or listened to this phrase till now?

About a hundred times?

Of course you must have, because it is indeed an overused phrase in the world of digital marketing. However, there must be a reason why it has hung around so far. There is – and it is because this phase speaks the actual truth.

You might think content marketing is quite an easy task. Now how long would it take to create a blog post of a thousand words?

Say an hour or two?

But is that all?

Can one blog post a week help you achieve your business goals?

Not really. There is a lot more to it than what meets your eye.

You will need a keyword research plan that is strong enough to drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

You will have to come up with buyer personas so that you know who your target audience is and what they want.

Creativity is another thing that you need to make sure the content you produce is always original.

Not to forget the top-notch grammar game which is a must.

You will have to come up with a strategy that helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Despite all these difficulties many brands are into creating more and more content in a consistent and continuous way. So, what is it about content marketing? How will it contribute to your digital strategy? Does it actually help your bottom line?

SEO and Content marketing always go together

content marketing and seoWhile SEO is more technical and narrower, content marketing is a strategy that is much more holistic and broader. They are different; yet complement each other. On the one hand where SEO lists out the things that are to be done to help you achieve your business goals, content marketing jumps in to fulfill them.

For instance, SEO needs keywords to optimize your website for the search engines. You use SEO techniques to research these keywords and track their ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. But how do you use these keywords? It is through content marketing.

There is no way you can reach your goals by stuffing your web pages with keywords. They will have to be strategically distributed in the top-notch content that you produce for your target audience.

Another thing that SEO demands is ‘linkbacks.’ You may want to contact link building agencies to help you build these links; but not all are reputable. You will have to create the relevant content through content marketing and then link it up to your site.

Apart from keywords and linkbacks, SEO also involves a lot many technical aspects such as the optimization of robots.txt, the enhancement of your meta data, utilization of tags and the construction of a strategic site map. Each of these aspects is directly related to your content.

Content Marketing Produces Consistent Output

The only way to get your website rapidly indexed by Google is by producing fresh content on a consistent basis.

You will have to keep coming up with blog posts that will keep on boosting your ranking on the SERPs.

You will have to keep introducing newer web pages or making changes to your existing ones so as to fuel your rankings and encourage your conversions.

Through email content, you will have to keep fueling your click-through’s.

You will have to keep coming up with innovative and engaging social media campaigns.

Your aim should be to create authority and trust in the industry, while establishing long-lasting relationships with individuals, businesses and brands.

Content increases your returns at a compounding rate

content marketing 2Content marketing is a long-term strategy. The more content you produce the better your results will be. The best thing about content is that it is always there and it is always producing results.

For instance, say you publish two blog posts a week. So, in a year you will be producing about 110 pieces of content and the results you get will be worth those 110 pieces.

However, in the next year, if you are still publishing two blog posts per week, you would have produced 110 pieces of content at the end of the second year.

Nevertheless, the results you get will not be worth 110 pieces but 220 pieces of content. The 110 pieces of content that you published in the previous year is always there, to keep driving your sales.

In a couple of years you would have published a huge stockpile of information, which can help you create interesting social media posts, slide shows and emails. Content never goes waste.


Content marketing can definitely enhance your marketing efforts and help you obtain optimal results for a long period of time. However, it is very important to maintain an effective content marketing schedule and keep producing fresh content on a consistent basis. Also make sure you measure the performance of your content regularly so that you know things are going as per your expectations.

Take Away:

Producing content once in a while may be doable for anyone. But if you think you cannot spare the time and efforts needed to a stick to a strict content marketing schedule, here are your options:

  • Look for a content marketing agency that will create an excellent content marketing plan for you and make sure you receive all the pieces of content that you would need to publish within time. (Click here to find out if it is feasible for you to hire a content marketing agency)
  • Get in touch with a Freelance Content Writer and make sure he/she writes and sends you the content, as required by you. (Click here to know what to look for in a freelance content writer)
  • Recruit a content strategist who will take up all your content marketing tasks as per your specifications. (Click here to understand your options clearly)

Should you have any queries or suggestions, do leave your comments. It would be great to hear from you.

By Nanditha Vasudev – A Freelance Content Writer you can Trust

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