Top 12 Secrets of Professional Content Writers Revealed

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The toughest part of being a freelance content writer is to generate enough content on a daily basis, without compromising on the quality.

Here are a few secrets of professional freelance content writers that can help you in producing high-quality content in a consistent way:

Secret #1: Be in Research Mode Always

Not all content ideas come from within; you will have to look for external sources. This means you will have to keep doing your research continuously. By doing so, new ideas keep popping into your head and the quality of your content will keep increasing in a substantial way.

Secret #2: Keep jotting down ideas as and when you get them

It is often very difficult to get ideas when you sit to produce content. So keep writing them down whenever you get them and think about how you can develop on them. These are a few things you need to note here:

  • Main points about the topic
  • URLs where you can find additional information
  • URLs that can help you explain your points well

Secret #3: Come up with your own Style of Writing

There is no point in trying to copy someone else’s style when it comes to content writing. It may require a lot of reading and studying before you come up with a style that is unique to your brand or personality. Once you develop your style, you will have to start working on honing your skills on a continuous basis.

Secret #4: Talk about one thing at a time

Actually it is better to start with a bottom-line point. This will put your thoughts in the right direction and help you focus on one main thing while creating content. If there is anything that does not fit in, it will have to go, no matter how interesting or engaging it may be.

Secret #5: Match the depth with the length

When writing content there is a specific length you need to stick to. However, you also have to make it easier for your readers to read and understand your content. This means you should give enough detail, without going overboard. There is a certain depth that your length allows and you need to stick to that.

Secret #6: Come up with a Title that Connects with your Readers

Title is the main thing that will lead your readers towards reading your content. While creating interest, it should also forecast what information your readers can find in your content, when they click through. It is fine even if you take some time to come up with right title because at the end of the day it is absolutely worth. A few interesting titles include:

  • How to….. (do something that is interesting or useful)
  • Top #…. (list)
  • Why…. (your readers need to do something that you want them to)

Secret #7: Make an impression with that first sentence

Once your readers have gone through the title, you have only three seconds to get them hooked to reading what you have written. Hence, you need to concentrate all your efforts on drafting your first sentence. Make sure the sentence is not misleading. It should take your reader towards the main point in a very smooth way. Nevertheless, it should capture their attention.

Secret #8: Craft an introduction that is irresistible

Writers call this as the lead. It is the first 100 words of your blog, first chapter of your book or the very first paragraph of your article. Although short, it needs to be compelling. It is like a teaser that gives an idea what is going to come; but it doesn’t give away the gold. You can start with:

  • A Fascinating story
  • Some interesting statistics
  • A piece of breaking news
  • A contrarian viewpoint
  • A promise that you are going to keep up with

Secret #9: Generate Content that is accurate and believable

Creating content that is not true or trustworthy is just a waste of time as no one would want to waste their time reading it. Don’t create any hype. Write something that will add value. Keep it informative and engaging. If you are presenting a figure or a fact, make sure you mention the source. If you are using a quote, mention the author’s name. This will help you gain the trust of your readers.

Secret #10: Close it well

Any piece of content should not be ended abruptly. You may have run out of ideas; but you can’t let your content lose steam. Always close your write-up by summarizing your main point and then letting your readers understand how they can benefit from reading your content. If possible emphasize the main point that you made in your lead.

Secret #11: Keep it plain and simple

You may have a rich vocabulary that when used, might make you look like a linguistic professional. Nevertheless, there is no point if your readers have to refer to a dictionary or google up every second word that you have used.

You are not here to win any writing awards. Your main goal is to make sure your content gets read and it is easy words that are most readable.

Stick to short sentences and short paragraphs that help you make your point. Make sure it is readable.

Secret #12: Do not forget to edit what you have written

Every piece of content needs to be edited before it gets published. You will never get it right at the first draft. Once you are done with your draft, you will have to review it a couple of times until you are satisfied that your content is of high-quality.

Content writing might sound boring to many; but it involves a great deal of creativity.

It is not always about text; you can create content by making videos and slideshows too.

Before you choose the right format for your content, you may have to conduct a study of your target audience and see what works well. Once your content is ready to be published do not forget to promote it on social media so that it gets maximum visibility and traffic.

So, get creative and start creating your content right away!

I am a Freelance Content Writer from India with more than seven years of experience in writing web content, blogs, eBooks, business plans, company profiles and more. If you like my style of writing and would want to get in touch with me, please send me an email on

Achieving Perfection as a Content Writer

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I am a person who believes in achieving excellence and perfection in whatever I do. I try my best to give my clients exactly what they require. There are times when the standards of perfection don’t match (What seems perfect to me may not seem that way to my clients). However, such cases are rare and thankfully getting rarer by the day.

I admit I have not yet achieved perfection as a content writer; but I would definitely like to get there one day. As I try out different techniques, I would love to share them with you so that you and I can grow together and reach the goals that we have set for ourselves.

So, here are a few things I have been doing to achieve perfection as a content writer:

Ask for Feedback from my Clients on a regular basis

As a freelance content writer, I get to work with a lot of clients who have different needs. What works well for one client may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, I make it a point to get feedback from my clients every now and then.

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, I take it as an opportunity to improve myself. This helps me tailor the content according to their needs and make sure they achieve satisfaction. Moreover, this also makes them feel that I really care about their requirements.

It is these small things that go a long way in building long lasting professional relationships that are very important in business.

Use the Resources on the Internet to Improve my Skills

I would like to credit Google for most of the things that I have learnt till date. I am sure you do too. Internet is the perfect resource to improve your writing skills.

Although I have my own style of writing, I make it a point to go through many blogs to understand what makes content share-worthy and readable. I keep taking language proficiency tests to improve upon my grammar and my sentence construction.

Unless you have an open mind to learn you can never be able to achieve perfection. It is important to let go of your ego if you want to achieve your goal.

Try out creating different types of content

Thankfully I have been getting opportunities to create different types of content such as eBooks, Business Plans, Brochures, Company Pitch Presentations and more. Every time I create a new type of content, it gives a boost to my creativity and gets my adrenaline pumping. The satisfaction that I get when I finish it is something that is indescribable.

Whether you get the opportunity or not, it is always better to try your hand at learning something new. After all versatility is always an asset.

Do the right kind of research

Proper research is crucial when it comes to content writing. I know I can generate content by rewriting articles or blog posts that I find on various websites on the internet; but what is the point. That way I will just be taking the same content and giving it in a different form to my client. Do the readers gain anything from that? I don’t think so. Hence I spend most of my time on research and come up with content that is unique, informative, engaging and free of plagiarism (To confess, I do not even have a copyscape account… but I know my content is plagiarism-free. I don’t copy)

Yes, it takes time to research; but at the end it is really worth the time and efforts.

I am sure this must have given you a feel of how I work. Just to make sure you don’t consider me as a braggart, here is something I want to tell you:

I am a content writer just like you and I still have a long way to go towards achieving perfection. I would be glad if any of my sentences here has helped you take one tiny step towards achieving your goal.

Now, let me give you a few tips that can help you achieve perfection as a content writer:

Read, read and read

Reading improves your knowledge, enriches your vocabulary and gives you an idea about how to write. Whether you read a novel or a blog post, make sure you pay attention to details such as the writing style, the words used, the way the author has framed the sentences and so on. Try and make it a point to read a few pages every day before going to bed.

Make sure you get the complete requirements of your clients

While writing for clients, it is very important to understand their requirements completely. One thing you need to understand here is that no one really cares about how good you are as a writer. It is all about how they can benefit from your writing. Unless you give your clients what they need, your writing is of no use, no matter how good you are at English. So, ask questions, send samples and make sure you are on the right track. Apart from helping you achieve 100% client satisfaction, this also saves your rewrite time.

Write from the reader’s point of view

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to content writing. Whether it is web content, blog or a book that you are writing, make sure you know what your readers are looking for. By readers, I do not mean the clients that you are writing for; but the target audience whom your clients serve. If you are giving information you will have to make sure such information is of use to your readers. For instance, if you are writing about buying real estate properties, your readers may not be interested in knowing about the construction process of houses. They would mostly be interested in the finance part…. how the investment can help them… where they can find the finance to buy the property… and so on.

Keep your mind free while writing

Watching TV or thinking about some other thing while writing is going to distract you big time. What you would need is a quiet place where you can focus so that you can come up with the exact kind of content that you are supposed to create.

Improve the readability of your content by keeping it easy and simple

You may have an rich vocabulary with a hundred synonyms for every word. But remember – your readers are not going to refer to a dictionary every time they read what you have written. Complex sentences with too many phrases can drive away your readers. If you want your content to be readable, keep it simple and easy. Use catchy headlines and short sentences. Organize your content into easily readable chunks.

I hope this post has been of some help to you.

I am a Freelance Content Writer from India with more than seven years of experience in writing web content, blogs, eBooks, business plans, company profiles and more. If you like my style of writing and would want to get in touch with me, please send me an email on

Nanditha Vasudev