Web Content Writing

While there are many aspects such as selecting the theme, arranging the elements and designing the various sections of the website, it is the content that helps the business achieve its main objective behind creating such a website. However, creating excellent content for your website is no piece of cake.

Your copy needs to be…

Conversational while being clean and neat

Unique without seeming as weird

Well-formatted while being free from errors

Representative of your business or Brand

Optimized enough to make your website appear in the top pages of the Search Engine Results

…else it is only going to be a waste of time.

Let’s be clear about this – This is going to take a lot of your time and efforts.

So, the question for you is this…

Are you ready to invest your time and efforts to come up with content that looks absolutely professional, unique, error-free, 100% original and optimized for the search engines?

If yes, you are on your own to go ahead with your web content writing.

If not, here is a wonderful way to get the exact content that you need for your website in the most affordable way…

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Let me give you a few reasons why you should do so:

  • I do the necessary research on your industry and come up with the right keywords that will generate maximum traffic to your website on a consistent basis.
  • I insert these keywords very subtly into the web content that I create for you, without actually stuffing them. Not only does this improve the readability of your content, it also improves your ranking as well as your conversion rate.
  • I will help you tell your Brand story in a way that will tap into the emotions of your readers. While this will increase your visibility, it will also help establish your brand in the industry.
  • I adopt the industry best practices when it comes to web content writing. Not only will I make your content informative, I will also make sure it is engaging and exciting enough to help convert your visitors into your customers.
  • I will keep your content crisp, clear and concise, while giving maximum information about your business to your target audience.
  • I will use content to highlight the USP of your business and give the perfect answer to the question in the minds of your target audience – why should they care?
  • I give you content that you are absolutely satisfied with, irrespective of how many revisions I will have to make to get it right.
  • I double-check the content for the information I present, the spelling, grammar and the words that I use, before I deliver the same.
  • I make sure the content I give you provides maximum value to your readers.

You get all this at a price that is agreeable to you.

So, what more do you want? Make a list of your requirements and discuss them with me.

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