Ebook Writing

Writing EBooks can help establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in the industry. While improving your credibility this can help you generate leads that will help you gain clients who will be loyal to your business for a long time to come. Alternatively, you can also sell these EBooks and create an alternative source of income.

EBooks, or electronic books, as they are called, can open those doors for you that you thought never existed. By writing EBooks you can…

Gain tremendous amount of knowledge about certain topics or industries

Share your expertise with people who are in need

Give a reason to your readers as to why they should trust you

Bring about a difference into the lives of your readers

Establish a name for yourself in the industry

Get in touch with people who are genuinely interested in what you do

However, EBooks today are being offered by every business as subscriptions in order to generate exclusive leads that will help them in the long run.

EBooks will need time. No matter how hard you work it is impossible to finish writing an EBook in one day. You would need at least a month or two to come up with a format, do your research, gather information and present it in a readable, interesting and sellable way.

You will need tons of patience apart from the right skills that are required to write EBooks.

Do you have it in you?

If Yes, congratulations! You have found a way to establish an excellent position for yourself in the industry.

If not, no issues. You can always hire a professional EBook writing service that can ghost-write your EBook for you.

I can do it for you and at affordable pricing too!

Let’s Get Started!

Looking for reasons why you should hire me as your EBook writer? Here are a few:

  • I can suggest a few excellent titles for your EBooks so that they actually become sellable
  • I can refer resources based on your suggestions and come up with the right kind of information to include in your EBook
  • I give you chapter by chapter as and when I complete them, so that you can go through them and suggest revisions wherever necessary
  • I come with a vast experience of ghost-writing EBooks for different clients in various genres such as communication, hotel management, lifestyle, insurance and more. I have ghost-written quite a few course materials, motivational books and how-to manuals that have offered excellent value to the readers

How it works?

Here are a few steps that I follow to make sure you get exactly what you want, when it comes to EBook Writing:

  • Understanding the subject-matter and analysing your objective behind writing the EBook
  • Creating the index or table of contents and getting it approved from you
  • Doing the necessary research to gather the required information
  • Deciding on the right style for EBook Writing
  • Writing the EBook chapter by chapter
  • Sending each chapter as soon as I finish so that you can approve or edit the same
  • Making the necessary revisions as per your instructions
  • Finishing the EBook by completing various sections such as author profile, acknowledgements, etc.

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