Content Writing – A Passion to Pursue

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of content writing?


Too much work???

This is definitely not for me???

Well, it need not be any of these!

As a freelance content writer with a passion for writing, I can tell you from my experience that content writing can be refreshing…. an excellent way to spend your time in a constructive way… a genuine opportunity to work from home and earn your bread!

A passion for writing is all it takes for anyone to become a content writer.

Believe me – it is passion and only passion that can make you do things you never ever thought was possible.

As Steve Jobs said…

“People with passion can change the world for the better”

You can work all your life as a clerk in a bank, a regular employee of an IT company or maybe even as a bellboy, without having a passion… but would that give you success?

If it could, every person could have become successful in this world!

Successful people like Bill Gates, Walt Disney and Larry Page are where they are today only because of one reason – they had a passion and they pursued it!

Passion gives you a dream that you can visualize and see what your future will look like…

Passion fuels your resilience and ignites your desire to learn, grow and become an expert at what you want to do…

Passion empowers you with the ability to focus…

If there is anything that can help you achieve tasks of extreme complexity, it is focus. It is focus that helps you become…

  • a professional
  • a person whom your clients can trust
  • a person that you always wanted to become

Let us assume you have a passion for writing just like I do… So what should you do about it? How do you pursue that passion to make it your profession? Where do you start?

No one becomes a freelance content writer overnight. It took me seven long years to reach where I am today and I still have a long way to go. It might take you lesser than that if you know what to do and how…

Before I tell you how to go about it, let us find out one thing….

How proficient are you in English language?

Not sure?

Take one of the free language proficiency tests online. You will find tons of them online. Go ahead and take the test…. see how many questions you can answer correctly… complete the test… do not cheat… see where you stand

If you think you are not up there, take grammar lessons… also available for free. Do not stop until you get 100% results in every test that you take. Once you do and you know that you are highly proficient in English, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching success.

This is what you need to do to proceed further…

First thing is to gain the experience, develop the right skills and start your journey as a content writer. You can do this only by joining a content writing company where a professional can mentor you into what you want to become.

Here are a few steps that can help you join one…

  • You can find many content writing firms by running an online search. Go into each of these websites. They should have a careers page or a contact us page. Get the email address from any of those pages.
  • Send them your resume along with a few sample pieces that you have written. Write to them saying you are ready to write a free sample for them.
  • Don’t stop at one or two…. You will have to write to at least 20 such companies at one go. Make it a routine until you start getting responses.
  • Soon, a few companies might start responding depending upon the quality of your samples. Yes, these are samples that you need to write for free; but don’t get disheartened. If your sample gets approved you get a job… you get to earn… you will be on your way to pursue your passion.
  • If the sample gets approved, the next step would be to fix the pricing. Content writing agencies usually have standard rates when it comes to paying their employees/freelancers. It may not be adequate; but anything is good for a start. Remember, this is only your stepping stone to success. At this stage I wouldn’t recommend negotiating with the employer as you are still a fresher in the field. Accept the offer and focus on completing the assignments on time.
  • Don’t get disheartened if you get negative feedback on your writing. Take it up as a challenge. Improve upon your writing with every assignment that you take up. Be open to feedbacks and remarks. This is the only way you can go high up there.

It will take a while… a few months or even a few years for you to become an experienced freelance content writer who can provide any kind of content…. websites, blogs, SEO articles, eBooks, Press Releases, Business proposals and anything else that comes your way. Once you do, you are on your own.

So, this part is for those who have gained the necessary experience in content writing…

One thing you need to focus on here is to promote yourself as a writer.

Start a blog and keep writing posts on a regular basis.

Establish your presence on social media – LinkedIn and Facebook

Publish your posts on these platforms

Join relevant groups where you can find other content writers like you

Look for jobs on social media and apply

Very soon clients will come looking for you…

Make sure you provide the exact content they require and on time.  Charge reasonably – according to the quality you give them. Be open to revisions. It might hurt your ego – but this is important if you want to establish long-term relationship with your clients.

I am a Freelance Content Writer from India with more than seven years of experience in writing web content, blogs, eBooks, business plans, company profiles and more. If you like my style of writing and would want to get in touch with me, please send me an email on info@nandithavasudev.com.

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