Being a Woman Should not Stop you From Pursuing Your Passion

Go, Get Education

Be self-reliant, be industrious

Work, gather wisdom and riches,

All gets lost without knowledge

We become animal without wisdom,

Sit idle no more, go, get education

End misery of the oppressed and forsaken,

You’ve got a golden chance to learn

So learn and break the chains of caste.

Throw away the Brahman’s scriptures fast

These were the words of Savitribai Phule, a social and educational reformer, who fought for women’s rights during the latter part of 19th century. Married at the age of 9 to the 12 year old Jyotirao Phule, Savitribai went on to be educated by her husband. She later worked as a teacher in the first women’s school that her husband started in Bhide Wadai, Pune.

She started a care centre called Balhatya Pratibandhan Griha (Infanticide prohibition house) for pregnant rape victims, helping them deliver their babies.

In 1868, she opened up a well in her house so that the untouchables, who were prohibited by the upper castes to take drinking water from their wells, could use the same.

She opened up a clinic in Hadaspur, Pune, along with her adopted son Yashwant, in order to treat plague victims in 1897. Unfortunately she herself contracted the disease and died in March.

Her fight against discrimination was evident in the poems that she wrote. Two of her poem books, Kavya Phule (1934) and Bavan Kashi Subodh Ratnakar (1982) were published posthumously. She advised women to get educated through these poems.

Today, being her 186th birthday, it seems right to remember this forgotten liberator, who fought against all odds to support a noble cause. If not for people like her, India would not have seen so many women entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, social reformers, bankers or industrialists.

As women, we end up facing many more challenges in life. We need to take care of our family members, instill values in our children, make sure they become responsible citizens and be an invaluable source of support to everyone around us, no matter what state we are in.

When things start becoming tough to handle we take up jobs and try our best to gain respectable positions in a man’s world, despite our other responsibilities.

We get up early in the morning to make breakfast and pack tiffin boxes for our children…

We make sure they are ready for school before the school bus starts honking…

Apart from cooking and cleaning, we also take up the responsibilities of paying up the utility bills, and doing other chores that are important for existence…

We have no holidays or sick leaves…

We need to work irrespective of our condition…

It is truly a tough job – quite unimaginable for a man.

Yet, all that we get are a few words of criticism from our spouses and children about how bad the food was or about something that wasn’t done up to their expectations.

This probably is the story of every married woman in India. Nevertheless, it is no reason to get depressed or subdued in life.

Our world is not just our kitchens and homes. We need to widen our perspectives…. pursue our dreams… achieve our goals…. establish our identities… and work towards gaining fulfillment and happiness.

Here are a few things you may have to keep in mind before you put your foot forward towards financial independence, wealth and success:

Taking care of your Family is not your sole responsibility

This responsibility can be shared by your family members. Your work can be delegated. Distribute a few chores making sure no one gets overloaded with work. It might be difficult during the initial days; but once they get used to it, it will be a cake walk.

It is fine if things are not up to your expectations

Years of experience in home making and housekeeping make us maintain things in a particular way. We tend to get frustrated when things don’t go as per our expectations. However, it is not such a big deal. You may have to make a few compromises to make sure you find time to work towards making your dream a reality.

You need to look at the bigger picture

Your decision to get independent financially is for sure going to throw you out of your comfort zone for a few days. It might take a while to get adjusted to your new lifestyle. Nevertheless, always look at the bigger picture. See what you can gain by doing all this. The fulfillment, the satisfaction and the happiness that you get to achieve is definitely worth all your efforts.

Gaining Financial Independence need not mean going out of the house and sitting at a desk in a workplace from 9 to 5. In fact many of us cannot do this because of a few responsibilities such as taking care of an infant, a sick or an aged individual or even a disabled person. In such cases ‘working from home’ seems to be the best option.

There are quite a few ‘work-from-home’ options available to anyone who would like to earn some money without having to leave the comfort of their home. You can choose any from the options mentioned below:

  • Based on your abilities and skill sets, you can get in touch with a relevant company, discuss your situation and request for a work from home option. The pay might be lesser than what regular employees would get; but you do save on a lot of things such as commuting, food, etc.
  • You can freelance as a content writer, data entry operator, virtual assistant, graphic designer, etc.
  • You can productize your knowledge and come up with eBooks or course materials that you can sell online
  • You can start an online business by registering with eCommerce websites like Amazon

I am a stay-at-home mom with a passion for writing and music. I work from home as a freelance content writer and I write top-quality, original and error-free content for websites, blogs and more. You can think of a way to pursue your passion too.

For all those of you women who have established your identities in the world of today, let us join hands and create opportunities for those who are yet to come out of their kitchens to find a life of their own.

When Savitribai Phule could fight for women’s rights despite the challenges of those days, we for sure can work towards women empowerment in today’s world, which is highly advanced with superior technologies.

After all, it is Happy Women that make Happy Families!


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  1. Very motivating for those who r looking at alternative careers. Your insight to content writing is very encouraging , simple & achievable. Kudos, keep up the good work.

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