6 Types of Freelance Content Writers – Which One Would you Hire?

Content is something that everyone needs; yet the content requirements differ from one business to the other.

Not every freelance content writer will be able to cater to all kinds of content requirements unless he/she is a versatile writer with extensive experience in generating various types of content.

The first thing you need to do before taking a step towards getting your content written is to determine your content requirements. Once you identify the same, you will have to start looking for the right kind of freelance content writer. However, are you aware of the different types of content writers?

Here are 6 different types of freelance content writers for you to choose from:

Type #1: Web content writer

web-contentThis is the person who can come up with excellent content for your website, create engaging posts for your blog and design your social media content in the best way. Such a writer can also generate white papers and full-length search engine optimized articles.

Specialty is one thing you need to check out while hiring a freelance web content writer. While some may be experienced in fields such as finance and technology, there are others who would be specialized in offering content for medical and entertainment related businesses. If you are lucky you might even find one who, through his/her mad research skills, can write on just about anything under the sun.

Freelance Web content writers are experts in creating content that drives traffic to your website. They are aware of all SEO techniques and can come up with the exact keywords that can help you rank higher on search engine result pages. The content they write is compelling enough to inspire your readers towards taking the action you want them to take.

So, while looking for a freelance web content writer who:

  • creates content that is informative, relevant and engaging
  • meets deadlines
  • uses best web copy practices
  • weaves in keywords skilfully
  • sticks to word counts specified by you
  • offers excellent value for money

Type #2: The Technical writer

characteristics_of_effective_contentTechnical writers are those who write user manuals for different kinds of software programs, hardware and consumer electronics. They also generate procedure manuals that are used by various high-tech industries, such as aeronautics, robotics and engineering.

The best quality you need to look for in a technical writer is to be able to put into simple words, technical procedures, explanations and descriptions that are basically complex by nature. The main aim is to help a layman consume what has been published.

While looking for a freelance technical writer, make sure you hire someone who:

  • has exceptional communication skills
  • acts with complete professionalism and integrity
  • possesses rich industry-specific knowledge and skills
  • has the aptitude and desire to learn new skills
  • is organized and logical

Type #3: The Business writer

presentation-tipsA Freelance Business writer is one who drafts business proposals and business plans, prepares speeches and reports, tackles white papers, comes up with press releases and articles and prepares presentations depending upon your requirements. He/she can also create copies for your advertisements. The aim is to help you communicate well and stay ahead of your competition.

A few things that you need to look for in a freelance business writer are:

  • experience
  • availability
  • ability to understand and analyse your requirements
  • aptitude to create content that looks absolutely professional
  • creativity

Type #4: The Newspaper or periodical writer

editorThese are writers with journalism background who work on newspaper and periodical publications. Apart from writing about the event, these writers are well-informed to write about the different facts that surround such events. While being objective in their writing, they are also very much unbiased.

If need be, freelance periodical writers can also express their opinions as editorial writers. They are experts in interpreting and analyzing economic, political as well as various other current events for their audience. They also write reviews for books, music and movies. Human interest stories are what they generally focus upon.

While hiring a freelance periodical writer, you need to look for things such as:

  • Knowledge about current events
  • Proficiency in English Language
  • Communicative skills
  • Experience in journalism
  • Experience in editorial management
  • Social Media savvy

Type #5: The Educational or Instructional Writer

bigstock_school_text_books_2420162These are writers who write text books and course material, prepare tutorials and online lessons and draft courses and curriculum. Their expertise and experience can be very useful to educational and academic institutions and various companies that wish to offer different kinds of online courses.

Things to look for in a freelance educational writer include:

  • Course Development skills
  • Research Skills
  • Experience in educational writing
  • Ability to compose accurate and informative copies
  • Teaching experience or a passion for writing

Type #6: The Ghostwriter

ghost-writerThis is the writer who will write articles, blogs, books and other works that you can publish in your name. They are satisfied with what they get paid for and do not take official credit for their writing. Many politicians as well as celebrities hire these freelance ghostwriters to write their autobiographies. In fact there are authors who outsource their work to these writers.

If you wish to publish perfect content in your name, you will have to look for ghostwriters who are:

  • experienced
  • reliable
  • reputed
  • able to manage large projects
  • expert communicators

With time your content requirements keep changing. However, it is not advisable to keep changing your freelance content writer ever now and then as you would require additional time to build up a good rapport. It is therefore better to hire a writer who has experience in providing all kinds of writing projects.

In my seven years of content writing experience I have written web content, blogs, articles, eBooks, course materials, business plans, company profiles, user manuals, press releases and even created professional presentations that match the requirements of the clients. My passion for writing enables me to walk that extra mile to learn and adopt a new skill every time I take up a new project.

Send in your requirements to info@nandithavasudev.com and ask me for a free sample.

I am a Freelance Content Writer from India with more than seven years of experience in writing web content, blogs, eBooks, business plans, company profiles and more. If you like my style of writing and would want to get in touch with me, please send me an email on info@nandithavasudev.com.

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